Why you have to stop fooling around on Facebook and seize the opportunity of living in the information age

digital world

We live in a world where information travels faster than the speed of light…

Okay, that is a fat lie (smartass emoticon).

However, this statement is not far from the truth. Imagine that as I finish this post and I hit publish, you and everybody can find this piece of information, anyway, those 3+ billion people who are engaged on the internet.

Isn’t that amazing? You write something and half of the global population have access to it. Well, not anymore because we got used to it. Ultimately, we are so overwhelmed with information these days that we don’t even realize how lucky we are that we live in the digital world.

So, I compiled a few things in this article that you should do instead of stalking your ex on Facebook and getting depressed.

Learn from the best


In principal, we are surrounded by an infinite number of global channels that transmit an immense load of information to us. This isn’t necessarily good or bad but we need to select and organize the information we consume just as we choose what to eat. We also have to realize that digital learning (e-learning) took over traditional learning. Yes, by the time the governments catch up with the digital world and integrate new courses in the curriculum the turf shifts again. This is because the digital economy is evolving way faster than the traditional economy. In this fast-paced world we miss a lot of things, mainly because of ‘pushed notifications’, but it has not been easier to access quality information. The main challenge here is to select a few channels and don’t let the information push you around.

So, go on and educate yourself (don’t do it through the TV)! In this globalized world, you can find an expert in every field or topic. Here are some great websites where you can find some great courses both FREE and paid:

Reading is easier than ever

Reading books are one the most underrated habits in this digitalized world. Let me start off by saying that you MUST read at least twelve (12) books a year. It’s only one book per month which is manageable even if you work long hours. Second of all, read something that is related to your interests, hobbies. Trust me when I say that every book will help you learn something new and ultimately will help you become more successful, wealthier (both mentally and financially) and smarter.

Take advantage of the era we are living in and read e-books or go to audible (they offer 30 days risk-free trial) to get audio books. It doesn’t get easier or cheaper to get your hands on good books.

If you don’t have time turn off push notifications on your digital devices and I guarantee that it will give you at least 30 minutes extra each day. Use this time to read on topics you enjoy rather than watching viral cat videos on social media.

Challenge: Turn off your push notifications on your devices. Let me know on twitter if this ‘hack’ helped you have more time on your hands.

Get in touch with the world (step outside there)

When I say world I’m not kidding! Today’s technology lets you get in touch with people who have the same interests as you and live on the other side of the globe. Embrace this opportunity and seize it. Don’t be limited by the guidance of your peers, friends, and family. Browse around the internet and see what the world is doing. There is something out there for everybody, visit forums, read blogs, listen to podcasts I strongly recommend two awesome websites that aren’t ‘spammy’ neither ‘scammy’.

Reddit: The front page of the internet

Most of the viral posts and pictures come from Reddit. There is an endless list of subreddits, basically categories, on every topic you can imagine. The community of Reddit is very intelligent and honest. Actually, when I had second thoughts about launching this website I went to r/entrepreneur (Entrepreneur subreddit) to discuss 'wantrepreneurship' and giving up on this project and I got this re-affirmation:

It sounds harsh and brute but is very honest and true!


Ask whatever question you might have and follow topics you are interested in. If you are expert in something answer questions, you might even get rewarded for doing so.

Work remotely

This is the greatest news since the invention of electricity (It’s just my opinion). The digital world has given us the opportunity to escape the cubicle. With the help of technology almost anybody can work from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection.

Isn’t that cool???

This might be the coolest thing in this post. (I feel sorry for those readers who didn’t make it here). To continue, studies show that working remotely has great advantages for both employer and employee. It increases productivity, reduces stress, increases efficiency, reduces employee overhead costs and many more.

I am sure that the idea of working remotely crossed your mind, so here are few websites where you can find remote part-time and full-time works. Browse around and see if you can sell your knowledge.


To wrap things up, I would like to say that we live in the age of information where we can educate, entertain and even work with tools and gadgets provided by the digital world. Distraction is also part of this world and you have to be careful not get sucked into cat videos (not kidding).

We live in the digital era, and you must design an online lifestyle just as you design your offline one. Otherwise, you will be at risk to get overwhelmed by this fast-paced world and caught in the wrong end of it. Learn, contribute and share.

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